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  Internet speeds that keep up with your imagination!

Te-Tek is expanding service into the Waterford , Churchtown and Hackney area. For business owners and residents who would like high speed internet access please complete this questionnaire and we will contact you right away.


The joys of rural living have always had their own costs, and in today’s fast-paced world, living in the country often means restricted access to modern communications. But no more. Thanks to Te•Tek’’s innovative network design, you too can experience the limitless world of music, movies, and information available on the internet at speeds that rival (and exceed) those available in big cities at twice the price.

Te•Tek delivers high-speed internet to your doorstep!
Wouldn’t it be great if you could just reach out and grab the communications revolution from the comfort of your living room? With Te•Tek’s innovative network design, chances are, you can! Te•Tek is a family-owned wireless Internet provider right here in Waterford. We’re committed to delivering all that the Internet has to offer at a great price! Using the latest wireless technology, we’ve built a localized service area with multiple redundancies to keep you online without interruption
Repairs and Rentals
  Te•Tek also offers a broad range of computer repair services and equipment rentals for business or other meetings. And we’re committed to top-notch customer service to keep your Internet experience trouble free!
Existing customers are subject to the Terms and Agreements posted on this website. The Terms and agreements are subject to change without notice.